There are some docklets that don't have the ability to save some aspects of their configuration in a way that can work with different themes..

At this time , I know of two (2) such docklets that need help in this area. I have incorporated into ThemeSaver a method for overcoming these shortcomings specific to each of them.


This analog clock docklet comes default with RocketDock. It works great, and you can easily change the 'clock face' icon for different looks. This 'clock face' icon is saved to each Theme (if present of course) as a normal part of the RocketDock configuration. However, the clock 'hands' are not...

The default clock hand images are nice enough but being dark in color they obviously do not work very well if you choose to use a dark background 'clock face' image. Or maybe you want to create your own clock hand images that are something a little more different...

I have added the ability for ThemeSaver to switch out these images as well if this docklet is detected in the Theme configuration.

The three clock hand images (hour.png / minute.png / second.png) are located in the folder ../RocketDock/Docklets/RocketClock/Images and ThemeSaver will copy this folder to another folder with the naming convention: "themename - Images" Edit these images as you like, and when you re-load your Theme these images will have been copied to the default Images folder.


KkMenu is a very popular docklet among users, however, again I found that it wasn't designed in a way to have the Skin settings nor the menu configurations 'Theme aware'. ie. It only saves a global configuration. Not so good if you wanted 'matching' Skins for Theme and don't want to have to adjust the settings every time you change a Theme...

So I also added the ability for ThemeSaver to again make Theme specific copies of the KkMenu settings that are loaded if they are present in that particular Theme.

To take advantage of this all the user has to do is to configure the KkMenu as desired, then (re)save your Theme. Re-loading the Theme will then bring back the exact settings you had previously configured.


As with other aspects of ThemeSaver, a copy of the previous settings/images etc. is always backed up prior to being overwritten just in case...

If anyone comes across any other docklets that may have similar problems working with multiple Themes, please let me know and I can see about having them 'enhanced' in a future update of ThemeSaver...

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